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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Proper Technique

I was doing some “bid-ness” yesterday, rummaging about to find a quotation about baptism, and tripped over this. Read it slow and steady, and before you argue with it, disregard it, or dump it, think it over.
"...faithfulness is different from and more important than effectiveness. But numbers are also important, not so much in the sense of the unsaved who need to be reached but in the sense of the baptized we let get away. ( . . . ) As much as the church needs to see how the techniques of contemporary church growth alter the content of the gospel, believers need to recognize that God has ordained certain techniques or forms for the church's growth. The one reliable God-given method is the natural and organic one of baptizing infants born to believing parents" (D.G. Hart, "Recovering Mother Kirk," 46).