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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pastoral/Congregational Prayer-24 February 2013

{As always, you have my permission to use this in your church, community, or home. If you like it, please tell others about this blog-Mike}

O Lord God, there is no one holy like you, for there is no god besides you, nor is there any rock like our God; We offer up to you our thanksgiving for all your generosity to us……We pray for your church throughout the nations, as well as for Christ Church-Carrolton TX; Westminster Theological Seminary-PA, that you give them all the resources they need to serve you properly and well, and the heart they need to serve You in sincerity. Deliver our brothers and sisters who are being hounded and harmed for the faith that they may serve you in peace, joy and safety. Be with these churches in the area: Edmond Church of Christ, Philadelphia Church of God, 1st UMC, Highland Park Baptist Church, Cathedral of the Hills, Heritage Baptist Church, and Spring Creek Assembly of God; Guide them in the ways of your truth and righteousness that they may show themselves Your own people, in earnestness & truth. Lord, hear our prayer.

Please help us in this congregation, that our families may be filled with godliness and holiness. May those who are single remain chaste in their singleness and the married be charitable, gracious and faithful. Give the single mothers encouragement and energy, and all parents help in raising their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. May these children love you with all their hearts, souls and minds, and their neighbors as themselves. And may the aged live out their days in the joy and peace of Your Holy Spirit. Lord, hear our prayer.

 We remember before you those who need to repent of their sins and embrace Your Son in genuine faith…place in their presence those who will declare to them Christ and him crucified, and give them ready hearts to confess him as Lord. And provide us with opportunities to tell others about Jesus, with loving courage. Lord, hear our prayer.

O Lord God, You have blessed us with civil government, to restrain evil and promote justice. We ask you to take our governmental authorities in hand, and turn their hearts and deliberations in ways that will be truly good for our country. Guide the nations of the earth so that all peoples, especially Your Church, may be safe and secure. Lord, hear our prayer.

Finally, give renewed hope and restored health to those who find they are in dire straits,…Lord, hear our prayer.

All of these prayers we offer through Your Son, Jesus Christ, as we now sing:
Hear our prayer, O Lord; Hear our prayer, O Lord.Incline Thine ear to hear; and grant us thy peace. Amen

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Tom said...

Hmm, good job! This is really something!