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Thursday, May 3, 2012

NDOP 2012 - For the State of Texas (Reflecting on Amos 5)

[Note: Today, at the National Day of Prayer, we met at True Lite Christian Fellowship. I was one of the pastors who led in prayer. There were several others from across the city of Midland who led as well. This was the prayer I used. There is a mixture of resources from Amos 5 & the Book of Common Prayer woven throughout. Feel free to use this for your NDOP event-MWP.]
LORD God of Hosts, God of our forbearers, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, who keeps faith with Your people, whose trustworthiness is the foundation of truth, whose mercy & justice go hand-in-glove; we come before You, not trusting in our own supposed righteousness, but trusting in Your Son Jesus Christ. O Lord, have mercy & hear our prayer!

You have said “Seek Me and live; But do not seek Bethel, Nor enter Gilgal, Nor pass over to Beersheba; For Gilgal shall surely go into captivity, & Bethel shall come to nothing.” Turn our hearts & affections away from trusting in falsehoods - both religious & civil. Forgive us for looking for love in all the wrong places instead of seeking You who are life & love itself. Forgive us for turning “justice to wormwood,” & laying “righteousness to rest in the earth!” O Lord, have mercy & hear our prayer!

You are the One who made the Pleiades and Orion; You turn the shadow of death into morning & make the day dark as night; You He call for the waters of the sea & pour them out on the face of the earth; The LORD is Your name. Please, Father, send us rains & showers to fill up our water supplies, to restore life, & to care for our cattle & crops. O Lord, have mercy & hear our prayer!

Mighty God, we pray for the civil leaders in this Lone Star State: Governor Perry, Mr. Dewhurst, the state senators & legislators (esp. Mr. Seliger, & Mr. Craddick), our Texas Supreme Court Justices (Chief Justice Jefferson, Justices Hecht, Wainwright, Medina, Green, Johnson, Willett, Guzman, Lehrmann), & all others at the State level. Stir their hearts to always seek good & not evil, to hate evil, love good; to establish justice in the gate, that justice would run down like water, & righteousness would flow like a mighty stream for all, whether free born, foreign born, & unborn. O Lord, have mercy & hear our prayer!

Grant our State, County & local leaders to love righteousness & truth - both personally & officially. That they would ordain for our good only such things as will please You, promote the welfare of the people of this State, & foster the safety & security of Your Church in Texas. O Lord, have mercy & hear our prayer!

We pray for the State of Texas as a whole & in all its parts; protect us from all enemies, foreign & domestic; grant that civility & godliness would flourish among the citizenry, & that sensibility & level headedness would prevail in our communities. & please rescue us from racism, anarchism, drug, sex & human trafficking. O Lord, have mercy & hear our prayer!

O our God, we beseech You for the state of Your Church in Texas. Please fill her with all truth, in all peace. Where she is corrupt, purify her; where she is in error, direct her; where in anything she is amiss, reform her; where she is right, establish her; where she is in want, provide for her; where she is divided, reunite her; for the sake of Him who died & rose again & ever lives to intercede for her, Your Son & our Lord, Jesus Christ. O Lord, have mercy & hear our prayer!

Father, incline Your ears unto us, who have made & continue to make our petitions & supplications unto You. Grant that those things which we have faithfully asked (& will be asking) according to Your will, may effectually be obtained, for the setting forth of Your glory, & to the relief of our burdened hearts; through our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. & all God's people said, Amen!

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