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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Prep-Work 1

As we think through the counter-cultural aspect of wholeheartedly practicing the sacredness of the Lord’s Day, we need to work on the "How." Here’s a simple, basic, down-to-earth way you can embrace the sacredness of the Lord’s Day: Make sure that nothing in your control gets in the way of your getting to bed early enough Saturday night that you will be rested and ready for the Lord‘s Day.

Maybe that sounds hokey, but here’s the reason I bring it up. Your body and brain will latch onto any old excuse it can to reject the sacredness of the day. So, by staying up late on Saturday, you’re feeding the spiritual sluggishness of your soul. Then, when you wake up and your eyes don’t want to open and your body groans in protest, at that point you’ll just slump back into bed with cheap promises of “Next Sunday, Lord.” Or you will slough through your shower, creep into your clothes, miss Sunday School altogether, shuffle listlessly into church, and then fight drowsiness (or give in to it) during the assembly.

Therefore, plan ahead; and as much as you have control of it, keep to your plan. You will then begin to notice the joyful, rich blessings of Sunday School and Church, and will find the Lord’s Day refreshingly sacred!

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.”


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