"Devotions on the Greek New Testament, eds. J. Scott Duvall and Verlyn D. Verbrugge. A Review

Devotions on the Greek New Testament: 52 Reflections to Inspire & InstructDevotions on the Greek New Testament: 52 Reflections to Inspire & Instruct by J. Scott Duvall
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While in Seminary, the value of learning Koine Greek and Hebrew can quickly get lost in all the vocabulary memorization, learning of declensions, and parsing of passages. And then once one leaves seminary, it is a rarity for one to keep up with their biblical language skills. There are some tools floating around that try to help, by making original language readings devotional; but those are far and few between. Not long ago J. Scott Duvall and Verlyn D. Verbrugge, have compiled a small, manageable devotional guide from the Greek New Testament. This 154 page paperback has 52 entries written by 31 reputable New Testament scholars, such as Craig Blomberg, Darrell Bock, Scot McKnight, William Mounce, Ben Witherington III, to name just a few. The 52 readings start with Matthew and work their way, in order, through to Revelation.

Each entry begins with a short piece from the Greek New Testament. Then the author of that particular devotion unpacks the text (and context) pointing out the salient grammatical items, drawing from other passages and wrapping up to a conclusion. Each section covers around two pages, but the brevity is its brilliance! Though a reader may have forgotten most of their Greek grammar, each author patiently and quickly explains a grammatical point but doesn't belabor the issue. And because an individual devotion is short, but substantive, the reader is able to "keep their study of Greek a deeply Spiritual experience" (11).

"Devotions on the Greek New Testament" is a real jewel! It's perfect for the seminarian, or seminary-trained person. I have found myself regularly ending a devotion praying and rejoicing in the goodness of God! I recommend that you hustle out and get this book for yourself or for that person in your life who had to take Greek in seminary.

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