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Book Review: "Truth Matters" by Darrell Bock, Josh Chatraw, Andreas J. Köstenberger

Net Galley Review Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World Darrell Bock, Josh Chatraw, Andreas J. Köstenberger B&H Publishing Group
One LifeWay Plaza
Nashville, TN. 37234 ISBN:  9781433682261; $12.99, March 2014. Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Michael Philliber for Deus Misereatur.
It happens all over the country. Our kids finally grow up and head off to college. In the midst of the mind-numbing academic load, they pick out a few electives that should be simple enough to manage and make the scholastic weight less burdensome. So they happily pick a religious studies course or an introduction to the New Testament, thinking this ought to be a breeze. But not too many days into the new class they are confronted with a professor whose program is intended to stretch and shake them; but sometimes it is calculated to subvert their faith. The presentations come packaged with what appear to be overwhelming evidences, irrefutable facts, reasonable arguments, and …

Book Review: "Antinomianism" by Mark Jones

Antinomianism: Reformed Theology's Unwelcome Guest? Mark Jones P&R Publishing Company
P.O. Box 817
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 ISBN: 9781596388154; $17.99; November 2013 Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Michael Philliber for Deus Misereatur.
Heavy and Hearty – 3 1/2 stars out of 5
There come times when a singular Christian teaching will take center stage, drawing all the attention to itself, getting all the fanfare and coopting all the press coverage. Usually it happens as a remedial reaction to perceived, or actual, deficiencies in the Church. But trouble begins to boil to the surface when that singular teaching starts to take over the platform, pushing all others stage-right or stage-left, attempting to re-write the whole play around itself. It’s at this point that some of the biggest fans commence to voice concerns and critical reviews, endeavoring to alert others that something has gone awry.  Mark Jones, Senior Minister at Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church (PCA) and R…