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"The Word Became Fresh" by Dale Ralph Davis; a Review

The Word Became Fresh: How to Preach from Old Testament Narrative Texts Dale Ralph Davis Mentor (A Christian Focus Publications imprint)
Geanies House
Fearn, Tain
Ross-shire IV20 1TW
Scotland, UK ISBN: 9781845501921; November 2006; $16.99
5 out of 5 stars: Fresh and Friendly
Many people seem to be intimidated and unsettled by the Old Testament. Even among Christians most plainly avoid reading it all the way through. They may glance at little snippets here and there; refer back to it when reading some text from the New Testament that mentions an Old Testament passage; or paste a heartwarming verse from Joshua, the Psalms or one of the prophets on their wall plaques. But truth be told, most Christians find the Old Testament, and especially the narratives, perplexing. And so do many preachers. Ask yourself two questions: (1) when was the last time you heard a sermon series or Sunday School series that walked the congregation through an Old Testament book? And (2) …

Sunday Morning and Evening Prayer - 5 October 2014

Sunday morning: O Lord God, who draws near to your people, that we may draw near to you; we come in confidence to pray for your World and your Church.

We pray for the nations of this earth, which rage and rush maddeningly against your healthy boundaries, trying to gain the upper hand over you and one another. In place of their fuming and fury, bestow and work into them peace, justice and civility.
Almighty God, grateful for the country where we have been born; we long to see our leaders and fellow-citizens walking in ways that tend toward peace, integrity and fairness. Guide the elections and the voters to select the right people for the good of our country and the peace of your Church.

We pray for our U.S. Military personnel as they serve this country, may they do so honorably. Comfort them when depressed and worried. Preserve their families from unnerving stress. And provide for them all things necessary for their well-being.
Lord, until your Son returns to right all wrongs, and comp…