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"Sculptor Spirit" by Leopoldo A. Sanchez M. A Review

Sculptor Spirit: Models of Sanctification from Spirit Christology by Leopoldo A. Sánchez M.
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In my "area of influence" (2 Corinthians 10.15) and among my fellow Reformed compadres, talk of the Holy Spirit is unfortunately limited and infrequent. I have tried to remedy this lack in my own preaching and teaching. Therefore I was excited to receive the 290 page softback "Sculptor Spirit: Models of Sanctification from Spirit Christology" penned by Leopoldo A. Sánchez M., the Werner R. H. and Elizabeth R. Krause Professor of Hispanic Ministries at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, professor of systematic theology and director of the Center for Hispanic Studies. Dr. Sanchez writes for thoughtful readers, ministers, church leaders, seminary students and professors. This irenic work draws from fourth-century pastors and theologians, Martin Luther, as well as his own lived experience. The author rightly sees that all "Spirit talk must embrace its …

Prayer For Christ’s Church – Drawn from Zechariah 7-8

(In my morning devotional reading, I worked through Zechariah 7-8. It brought me to this prayer):

O LORD of hosts, who has promised to hear your people, unless they refuse to hear you, “as I called, and they would not hear, so they called and I would not hear” (Zechariah 7.13; see also Isaiah 59.1-4 and 1 Peter 3.7): please turn our hearts and the hearts of all your people to hear and heed you. O Lord, hear our prayer.
O LORD of hosts, who sometimes disciplines your people by creating disharmony and disunity, “for I set every man against his neighbor” (Zechariah 8.11) – forgive us; bring us to love anew truth and peace (8.19); turn our seasons of mourning and fasting into joy, gladness, and cheerfulness; save us (8.7, 13); and restore us so that there “shall be a sowing of peace” (8.12). O Lord, hear our prayer.
O LORD of hosts, who desires us to be your people and you to be our God in faithfulness and in righteousness (8.8); bring us to speak the truth to one another; to render in our …

"We Implore You" - 17 February 2019

O Lord God,we implore you to make us a holy, joy-filled people in our homes, occupations, and our various networks of friends. May those who are married be free of strife, pettiness, and fear; may those who are single be chaste and holy, enjoying you in their God-ward singleness; may the children grow stronger in grace and wisdom, loving you all their days while obeying and honoring their fathers and mothers; may the parents raise their children in faithfulness and godliness; and may the elderly flourish in God-given strength, patience, and sound-mindedness. Also please help us to be the kind of church that is instrumental in drawing the straying back to Christ and his church and bringing unbelievers into your family by trusting in your Son Jesus Christ. Hear us as we recall before you those who are on our hearts…
O Lord God,we pray for your Church in all nations, and these churches in the OKC area: Iglesia Christiana Rey-gloria, Memorial Christian, Midwest Blvd Christian, and New Hope…