"O Lord God, Unlike Us..." - 3 December 2023


O Lord God, unlike us in your very being, unlimited by space, unrestrained by time, untouched by mortality, and unmarred by sin; yet you made us to bear and reflect your image in some way so that we might have warm communion with you! And even more, after our open rebellion you sent your Son who became as full-bloodedly and full-bodily human as we are to bring us back into communion with you! What an astounding thought! O Lord, we adore you and thank you! In grateful communion with you we plead with you for the world and the Church.

Look upon the nations of this world, including our own country. See all of the spite, insurrections, commotions, mayhem, wars, droughts, flooding, wild-fires, government-approved barbarity, orchestrated impoverishments, socially sanctioned human-sex-and-drug trafficking, as well as tribal and racial bigotry. We implore you to steer, steady and stabilize all nations; restore and renew sound justice; bring substantial relief; provide help to the orphaned, homeless, vulnerable, trafficked, insolvent, and deprived; and institute a peace that will foster tranquility so that all may flourish and enjoy some sense of hopeful order, for the good of all and your Church. Preserve and protect our military members, particularly those who are close to danger at home and abroad, as well as our area firefighters, first responders,  and Law Enforcement Officers.

We remember before you those who are crippled with tragedy, debilitating conditions, physical and mental anguish, and hardships (…). Raise them up, delivering and restoring them body and soul that they may happily serve you all the rest of their days. We pray for our friends at Project 66, RestoreOKC, Hope Center of Edmond, and the Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children. Smile on their undertakings, granting them all they need and everyone they need to greatly aid those who are in need.

O Lord, use the carols and plentiful reminders of this Advent and Christmas season to make soft and sensitive those hearts that are hardened, and to make receptive and responsive those who are callous and coldhearted.

Look upon your global church, including this congregation, and The Free Methodist Church of Edmond, Resurrection Free Methodist, Avery A.M.E. Chapel, and First A.M.E. Church. Heal her wounds, restore her unity, clean out her filth, purge out the heresies, reinstate sound doctrine, reestablish the centrality of the Gospel, and through her mightily further your world reclamation project. 

All we ask here, Lord, we ask in faith and we ask in the name of Jesus Christ your Son. And now we join hearts and voices together to pray as he taught us, saying, Our Father…


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