O God, Hear Our Prayer... - 17 September 2023


Father, because of your Son, Jesus the Messiah; because of your Holy Spirit by whom your love is poured into our hearts; and because of your strongly guaranteed promise, we make bold to pray to you.

Bring the unruliness and agitation of all the nations of this world to a place of peace, orderliness, and the rule of just law so that peaceful and healthy prosperity might prevail, your church live quietly and safely, and your Gospel run swiftly and unhindered. Look upon Morocco reeling from that devastating earthquake, and Libya trying to pull itself out of that devastating flood. O God, have mercy and grant relief.

We pray for the leaders of the various nations. Surround them with those who will boldly and wisely counsel them to do right, defend the right, and lead their people to that which is right. Lead each to recognize that their office is not theirs but given by you and accountable to you. And may they govern and act in ways that are honorable, admirable, and noble.

Direct in our country those who speak where many listen and write what many read – whether through social media, Legacy Media, Print Media, or whatever other platform. Direct them that they may do their part in making the heart of our people wise, our minds sober and sound, and our desires virtuous. And we pray for those who seek to agitate, deceive, concoct conspiratorial and skeptical tales to feel powerful. Expose those who are outright shysters so that they no longer have any real influence. And give those who are simply misled a way to recover and save face.

Rain down health on the sick and ailing, fortify those receiving treatment for serious diseases, provide stability for those troubled in mind and heart, and consolation and hope for the grieving (…).

Consider the needs of this congregation. As you have called us to liberty, may we not use our liberty as an opportunity to serve the flesh, but through love to serve one another (Galatians 5:13). Also, we implore you to revive, enrich, guide, and empower your church throughout the world, to include Praise Assembly, Westgate Christian Assembly, Draper Park Christian, and Grace Bible Church, so that we all may confidently trust in your Son Jesus Christ for our hope and salvation, crucify the flesh with its passions and desires, and live and walk in the Spirit.

Finally, look in mercy on those who have yet to embrace Jesus Christ as he is freely offered in the Gospel, and on these who have strayed away from the Faith once for all delivered to your people (…). 

O God, hear our prayer; give ear to the words of our mouth (Psalm 54:2). And now, we join our hearts and voices to pray as Jesus taught us, saying: Our Father, who art in heaven…


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