"Viking Adventure" by Clyde Robert Bulla. A Review

Viking Adventure is something of a reader for younger children, possibly as young as 2nd or 3rd Grade. It was originally written by Clyde Robert Bulla (1914-2007), author of over 50 children's books. The illustrator was Douglas W. Gorsline (1913-1985), who was an accomplished artist in his own right. The volume is not only a reader, but enjoyable material for parents and grandparents to read to their little ones.

The story-line follows Sigurd, who takes up his father's dream of finding Wineland. We move along from Sigurd's early childhood and regimen meant to prepare him for the rigors and hardships of war and sailing. Two old friends of his father come to Sigurd's home at just the right time. One of them has been made captain of a ship to seek out Wineland. The young man wins his way onto the ship, makes a friend, experiences adventures and betrayal's, ends up a castaway, and finally returns home to find...Well, one will simply have to read the book.

I have recorded my reading of this book for my grandchildren who live far away. You can find those readings my YouTube channel: Here. It was quite the pleasure, and I highly recommend the book.


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