Ministry to State and the Oklahoma Capitol Bible Study

(From left-to-right: Chuck Garriott, who heads up Ministry to State nationally; Casey Shutt, Matt Wiley, and Me - Mike Philliber)

Besides being Senior Pastor at Heritage Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City, I also am involved in other things. I am the facilitator of the Northwest Pastors Prayer Fellowship of NW OKC pastors from various denominations. As well, I am a Self-Defense instructor at Healthy Living OKC. And I'm involved  in the Hills and Plains Presbytery's Candidates and Credentials Committee and Administrative Committee.

In addition to all of these, I am also engaged with a Bible Study that meets at the Oklahoma State Capitol. This Bible study is part of a larger ministry called Ministry to State. We meet, over lunch, with many people at the State Capitol to study Scripture and pray for one another, as well as counsel and care for those who attend. The folks who are involved in the fellowship come from all over the Christian tribal map, but are bound together by Jesus Christ. One of the pleasures I have is to see how they care for each other, pray for each other, and encourage one another. It is truly non-partisan in it's mission, ministry and manners!

Ministry to State exists as a means to develop ministry to government domestically and internationally with five fundamental objectives.

  • Engage those in government communities around the world with the transforming truths of the gospel through healthy relationships.
  • Provide encouragement and support in the development of a Biblical world and life view for those in government who make a profession of faith.
  • Strive to establish and maintain a Biblical conscience throughout the government community.
  • Provide a healthy means to connect the church in a non-partisan manner with those in government.
  • Promote and facilitate specific and intelligent prayer by the body of Christ for those serving in government.

Ministry to State is part of the Presbyterian Church in America. If you would like to learn more, follow this link:


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