"Stories of Old-Time Oklahoma" by David Dary. A Short Review

Stories of Old-Time OklahomaStories of Old-Time Oklahoma by David Dary
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It's exactly what it says it is: Stories of Old-Time Oklahoma! This 271 page paperback is packed full of select episodes in the unfolding of what became known as Oklahoma. David Dary (deceased March 15, 2018) was a journalist, prolific author and emeritus professor of the University of Oklahoma School of Journalism. He compiled some fifty-five stories into this handy volume. Each narrative lasts between three to four pages, and gives the reader the pleasure of garnering anecdotes and accounts that are not often recollected. The subjects cover lawmen and outlaws, Native Americans and narratives of lost treasures, terrain and territory, as well as stars and garters. Some of the lore follows men like Bass Reeves, the African American lawman who arrested 3,000 outlaws in Indian Territory. Others dig up little known facts such as how Boise City, Oklahoma was the only town in the continental United States actually bombed during the second world war (July 5, 1943). "Stories of Old-Time Oklahoma" is perfect for any Oklahoman, and others looking for colorful histories. I highly recommend the book.

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