"Sexual Sanity for Men" by David White. A Review

Sexual Sanity For Men Re-Creating Your Mind In A Crazy CultureSexual Sanity For Men Re-Creating Your Mind In A Crazy Culture by David         White
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Harvest USA seeks to bring the truth and mercy of Jesus Christ to individuals and families affected by sexual struggles. One way is by providing resources that address biblical sexuality to individuals and churches. Toward that end I was delighted to find their workbook, "Sexual Sanity for Men: Re-Creating Your Mind in a Crazy Culture" crafted by David White, Director of Discipleship at Harvest USA. It is written with busy men living crazy-busy lives in mind.

"Sexual Sanity for Men" is a 288 page manual ideal for individual devotional work, as well as a small group resource. It covers five days of material each week, that lasts a total of 14 weeks. Each day is a short biblical study that is wedded to three or four reflection questions with loads of space to write down answers and prayers. White takes fellow-travelers from life in the wasteland and exile, to meet the conquering king, over to the band of brothers, and then up the trail of transformed living. For men who want to continue to play the game and lie to themselves and others that "Hey, I've got this," they will find the book embarrassingly candid, asking questions about behaviors most men want to hide. For others who are finally done with the game and desperate for Jesus to break them free, they will find hope and honest help.

I appreciate White's frank assessments at the beginning, "All sexuality is broken, on some level" and so, "no matter how diligent you are, please realize at the outset that you will never be free from the battle in this life" (2-3). It may appear to some that this conclusion is hopeless, but the reality is that the author's awareness is far more helpful than the triumphalism that expects immediate holiness and absolute release. Rightly, our Lord brings us true freedom through his death, resurrection and ascension, but until he returns that "freedom is not total deliverance from temptation, which is what we wish for. Freedom is the increasing ability to chose holiness out of love for Christ despite the relentless temptation" (3). This volume is for any man, and especially for any man ready to grow more sane in a sexually insane world. I highly recommend the book.

My thanks to New Growth press for the free copy of the book used for this review. I asked, they happily handed my a copy without any expectations, other than my analysis. All of my evaluations are my own, freely made and freely given.

The book can be purchased here: Sexual Sanity for Men

There is also a leader's guide here: Leader's Guide
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