"Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students" by Cooper Pinson. A Review

If you have teens and young adults in your church, or are involved at a campus ministry, you may well have looked high and low for solid, Biblical material on sexuality for students. Cooper Pinson, staff member of Harvest USA, has pulled together a small resource to give a hand. "Alive: Gospel Sexuality for Students" is a 136 page paperback that is meant for both young adults and their study leaders. It is likely the very material you're looking for.

The front matter in "Alive" is the student guide; essentially a workbook for each young adult in your group. Pinson takes everyone through important subjects, such as God's perspective on sexuality, how things went askew, pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, transgender, dating, singleness and marriage. The back matter is a more in-depth leader's guide that gets further into the details (even mapping out how the roughly 45 minute session should proceed) and directs facilitators in the discussions, even on the more sticky issues. Clearly the material in the book is meant for giving the young men their own class and discussion time, and giving the young women their separate space as well.

"Alive" hits the mark it sets out to do, "to unpack and apply the rich truths of believers' union with Christ to the particulars of human sexuality...Nothing, not even our sexuality, is outside his transforming work and power" (1). Ideal for church youth groups and campus ministries, this little volume will help you to help them. I highly recommend the book.

My thanks to New Growth press for the free copy of the book used for this review. I asked, they happily handed my a copy without any expectations, other than my analysis. All of my evaluations are my own, freely made and freely given.

Harvest USA seeks to bring the truth and mercy of Jesus Christ to individuals and families affected by sexual struggles. One way is by providing resources that address biblical sexuality to individuals and churches.

The book can be purchased here: Alive


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