"At Home" by Holly Rench. A Review

At Home: The Incredible Story of The Welcome MissionAt Home: The Incredible Story of The Welcome Mission by Holly Rench
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It's a memoir, a series of journal entries telling a very human set of stories in a very friendly, personable way. It's not fully polished, but it's real, sometimes raw, and always forthright and frank! Holly Rench, Executive Director and co-founder of The Welcome Mission, has penned a touching series of real-life exploits, escapades, agonies and adversities of the women she has been involved with for over twelve years in this 231 page softback "At Home: The Incredible Story of The Welcome Mission".

Rench unravels the tangled lives of several of her and Marcus's "adopted" adult children describing their destructive pasts and how many of them, through love and hospitality, have moved further up and further on. But the tales are also filled with pitfalls and potholes that will jar the reader's suspension system's and rattle any self-righteous lug-nuts screwed down too tight. And into this mix the author blends her own dilemmas, doubts and familial disappointments. It's not a clean, sanitary, "Leave-It-To-Beaver" set of stories. Which is what makes it heartwarming page after page. I honestly found it hard to stop reading!

"At Home" is the kind of book any Christian needs who is serious about following Jesus. You may not pursue the exact path the author has taken, but the book will draw you into asking the Lord what he would actually have you do. And don't be surprised if it's something as off the radar as Holly's The Welcome Mission. This book should be snatched up and read by every minister, diaconate, and board of elders. And, candidly, it should be in the hands of every Christian: Millennial, Xer or Boomer. I highly recommend the book.

I'm grateful that the author's husband invited me to read the book and sent a free copy used for this review. He asked nothing from me other than that I do a write-up. Therefore my assessments are all my own, no strings attached.

You can easily pick up the book here: At Home

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