"Indispensable" by David P. Cassidy. A Review

Indispensable: The Basics of Christian BeliefIndispensable: The Basics of Christian Belief by David P. Cassidy
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Are you looking for a book to hand to someone that strongly gives them the rudiments of the Christian faith? Is your young college student or High Schooler needing a good resource on the nitty-gritty of their Christianity to which they can return and use over and over again? New folks coming to your church, and you're wondering how to communicate the nuts-and-bolts of what we believe and why? David P. Cassidy, lead pastor of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee, has happily, healthily and handily provided us with just the thing in his new 240 page paperback, "Indispensable: The Basics of the Christian Faith". Easy to read and simple to follow, it's perfect for intelligent middle-schoolers to the seasoned and venerable.

The author walks readers through many important subjects. The book is not a systematic theology or a Confession of faith, but it does tackle huge subjects. Cassidy leads readers to find out who Jesus is, what is sin, the importance of Holy Scripture, why Christ had to be crucified, the necessity of faith, the gift of eternal life, the value of love, why justification and adoption are crucial, how and why union with Christ is constitutional, preparation for hostility with sin and Satan, what the sacraments are and why they're paramount, how the church fits into our life, and what are healthy ways of going forward. It sits down into the seat next to us, and often gets into our business, such as when the author writes, "We can't save ourselves if we are the problem that needs to be solved. While we are victims in certain ways, the more radical and unpleasant truth that we seldom like to face is that we are victimizers as well - we are the ones who have inflicted pain on ourselves, on others, on creation, and supremely on God himself" (62).

For my fellow Calvinsists, Cassidy brings in the doctrines of grace where they belong. Instead of pulling them out, cutting them off at the base, and setting them on the flower stand to wilt and die, this TULIP grows in the hearty loam of God's bigger story to thrive and flourish. Which means that my non-Calvinist friends will similarly find the book very fruitful as well. The author even takes on dispensationalism in a gracious, subtle manner. The book is chock-full of stories, personal experiences, and is quite affable. I highly recommend the book.

My thanks to the author who sent me a copy of the book at my request, which was used for this review. He made no demands on me, and I gave him no promises. Therefore, this positive review is because I truly enjoyed the book, and am certain you will likewise!

Here's where you can purchase the book: https://www.prpbooks.com/book/indispensable

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