Vespers - 24 March 2019

(Tonight's prayers are guided by the ancient 6th Century hymn written by Venantius Fortunatus, Pange, lingua, gloriosi proelium" in the Trinity Hymnal (rev. ed.) at #243, "Praise the Savior, Now and Ever")

“Praise the Savior now and ever; praise him, all beneath the skies; prostrate lying, suffering, dying, on the cross a sacrifice. Victory gaining, life obtaining, now in glory he doth rise!” O sympathizing Jesus, who saw many men, women, girls and boys famished, grieving, oppressed, damaged or broken and had compassion on them; please have compassion on these... Draw them into your victory and life, refreshed and refurbished. O Lord, hear our prayer. 

“Man’s work faileth, Christ's availeth; he is all our righteousness. He, our Savior, has forever set us free from dire distress. Through his merit we inherit light and peace and happiness.” Give your aid to those who are finding themselves beat up and beat down, distressed and depressed, shamed and shaken… Just as you raised the teenage son of the widow of Nain and gave him back to her when she despaired of any help or hope for the future, may these find your warm hand bracing and bolstering them, giving them help and hope in the days to come. O Lord, hear our prayer. 

“Sin's bonds severed, we're delivered; Christ has bruised the serpent's head. Death no longer is the stronger; hell itself is captive led. Christ has risen from death's prison; o'er the tomb he light has shed.” Oh saving Jesus! There are loved ones in our lives, among our friends, and amid our foes, who seem dominated by sin, seduction and the serpent. Hear us as we silently cry out their names to you with weeping hearts… Sever their sin; crush the serpent under their feet; raise them up that they may sing all their days: “Long my imprisoned spirit lay, Fast bound in sin and nature's night; Thine eye diffused a quick'ning ray, I woke, the dungeon flamed with light; My chains fell off, my heart was free; I rose, went forth and followed Thee”! O Lord, hear our prayer.  

“For his favor, praise forever unto God the Father sing. Praise the Savior, praise him ever, Son of God, our Lord and King. Praise the Spirit; through Christ's merit he doth us salvation bring.” Ah, Savior! May it be that our lives, our whole lives, will be filled to overflowing with gratitude, doxology, and Spirit-filled gladness. O Lord, hear our prayer.


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