Devotional Journaling.

It's not original with me. But years ago, for the purpose of keeping my head on straight and focused while reading my Bible every morning, and turning the reading time into prayer and worship, I started journaling. It's very simple: Date, passages read, and reflective thoughts that lean toward prayer. All pretty simple. The picture shows three recent days (with the names covered up to protect the innocent).

The following is today's prayer entry. It pulled together from my Scripture readings, the pain in my heart for several people, and the trust I have in our great liberating and loving God.
Lord, mighty and strong, a refuge in the storm and a shelter in the squall - you see clearly through the fog of human confusion, the stifling smoke of worry, the crushing blanket of darkness of depression - you set captives free, open prison doors and release the entrapped, lift up the oppressed and put the oppressors down. O Lord, mighty and strong, liberating and loving: hear me as I pray for these..... You see clearly what is going on, you hear the groans, know the tears, understand the fears and worries, are wise to the traps. Move in their lives and over their circumstances and set them free - free from their own sins and the sins of others; free from the hurt and pain; free from their own narrow confinements. Set them up in a broad place in full daylight and the fresh air. Strengthen the weak hands and feeble knees; make them run and not grow weary, to walk and not faint. Raise them up on Eagle's wings.
Maybe this little sample will give you some encouragement and ideas in the adventure of daily Bible reading. And may God refresh you, especially as you draw near to him who will draw near to you.



Rob Bailey said…
Thank you Mike! That is very helpful, especially to those of us who are more inclined to read than pray.

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