"The Twelve Days of Christmas in Oklahoma" by Tammi Sauer, Illustrated by Victoria Hutto. A Review

The Twelve Days of Christmas in OklahomaThe Twelve Days of Christmas in Oklahoma by Tammi Sauer
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What a fun book, and a beautiful way to introduce young Oklahomans and non-Oklahomans to the State's history and hot-spots! Tammi Sauer, author of some 27 children's picture books, has put together a brilliantly illustrated kid's hardback that spins off of an old Christmas song, with a distinctive Oklahoma twang! "The Twelve Days of Christmas in Oklahoma" is 40 big, glossy, colorful pages of sheer fun, facts and features, colorfully illustrated by Victoria Hutto.

Sauer takes the old Christmas song and tailors it to Oklahoma around a visit by young Addison to her Oklahoma cousin, Ethan. They spend twelve, face-paced, whirlwind days touring Oklahoma sites, sounds and smells from the Southeast corner to the Northwest panhandle. The unique aspects of Oklahoma, from history to happenings, are chronicled in letters sent by Addison to her parents each day, mentioning activities and specific facts about the State. And each day is included in the distinctive rendition of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" that help hammer down what was experienced.

"The Twelve Days of Christmas in Oklahoma" needs to be picked up by the State tourism folks! But even better, it will make a great Christmas present for your kids, grandkids, and any children you know. It's easy to read and attractive. It can be read by a second grader alone, or with a child cuddled in your lap. I bought a copy for my four grandchildren who live in another State. I highly recommend the book, and urge you to snatch up copies soon to get them delivered before the holidays!

As a side note I met the author for the first time today at a book-signing at a local bookstore. I had the opportunity to glance at a few of the author's other children's picture books. Though they have different illustrators, the ones I peaked into looked promising. Give them a glance as well.

The author's website has a list and short description of all her books. Her site is here: Tammi Sauer

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