"Body Opponent Bag Combinations" by Sammy Franco. A Review

Body Opponent Bag Combinations: A Newbie to Expert Guide to Body Opponent Bag Combinations and Workout RoutinesBody Opponent Bag Combinations: A Newbie to Expert Guide to Body Opponent Bag Combinations and Workout Routines by Sammy Franco
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The book is very simply what it says it's about, it's a 192 page softback handbook that guides a practitioner through various routines and combination punches (or punches, grabs and kicks) on a Body Opponent Bag (BOB). This simple-to-read-easy-on-the-eyes manual is condensed from the author's larger books on utilizing a BOB in honing your martial skills. Sammy Franco, founder and creator of Contemporary Fighting Arts and accomplished author, mixes in boxing, martial arts, a small amount of grappling and kick-boxing to round out his book's program.

"Body Opponent Bag Combinations" is set up to take newbies to the intermediate level, and intermediates to the advanced. A reader doesn't need to have any fighting training to gain from the book, though it does help. The idea appears to be that wherever you are in your skill-sets, you can gain many useful ideas and practices by following the author's program. The pictures and simple explanations are quite clear and simple to follow. There is plenty of room to write your own notes and come up with your own combinations. Franco also gives some basic advice that comes from years of using a BOB, such as avoid "bag training two days in a row. Give your body a few days to recover from your last workout" and, to avoid "injury or burnout, don't engage in BOB training more than three times per week" (144). The older I get, the truer I find this advice!

After reading "Body Opponent Bag Combinations" I became re-interested in getting back to mixing it up with my BOB, and just had a healthy string of rounds with it last night. If you're looking for ideas on how to make your BOB training more beneficial, or wanting to start up some martial training, you'll find this book just right. If you run a school that has a BOB or two, this book should be in your training/lending library. I highly recommend the book.

You can purchase the book here: Body Opponent Bag Combinations

And the author's website is here: Sammy Franco

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