"The Daybreakers" by Louis L'Amour. A Review

The DaybreakersThe Daybreakers by Louis L'Amour
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My oldest son loaned me a copy of "The Daybreakers," after we watched the 1979 movie "The Sacketts" with Sam Elliott, Tom Sellek, Jeff Osterhage, and Glenn Ford, which is based on the book. "The Daybrakers", first published in 1960 and reissued in 2000, is vintage L'Amour storytelling that follows two of the Sackett boys, Tyrel and Orrin, out of the Tennessee mountains to Mora, New Mexico. It accompanies them down cattle trails, through shoot-outs, into gold-mining, and on to lawyering and Law Enforcement. The novel recounts a deep and painful friendship spawned in the dust of a cattle trail that partially dies in the dust of a town street. It teases out the growing love between the two boys and their sweethearts, and love gone bad. The tale also exhibits loss of blood, family and friendship ties as thick as blood, and bad blood. "The Daybreakers" is inviting and enjoyable, enticing the reader to keep turning pages. If you're looking for a good story, and yearning for a decent western, it's all right here. I highly recommend the book.

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