"A Gospel Primer for Christians" by Milton Vincent. A Review

A Gospel Primer for Christians: Learning to See the Glories of God's LoveA Gospel Primer for Christians: Learning to See the Glories of God's Love by Milton Vincent
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This little 102 page treasure-trove is exactly what the title says: "A Gospel Primer for Christians". And it clearly aims to bring out the theme of the subtitle: "Learning to See the Glories of God's Love". Milton Vincent, pastor of Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church in Riverside, California, has compiled a fine little dossier on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This handy guide is something of a devotional systematic theology, or a visually-quick reference to aid Christian readers in "preaching" the Gospel "to themselves each day" (5).

After the introduction, the book unfolds into four parts. Part one unpacks the gospel in detail. But each of the thirty-one segments are bite sized. A reader could easily take one section each day, and dwell on it's contents and the Bible proof-texts in the footnotes. Vincent makes each one very personal and pertinent. The second part catalogs the Gospel content in forty-one short (one to two sentence) statements with plenty of Bible footnotes. Part three then turns all of this information into an extended poem that runs along 6-5-5-6 count. The last part is where the author gives his testimony of how he came to need the primer himself, and how it was birthed from his own experience. This little softback gives the reader a wonderful resource that, once they make it their own, will be something they will return to again and again.

"A Gospel Primer for Christians" is recommended by Chris Moles in his "The Heart of Domestic Abuse" (79) as a good tool to hand to counselees. It would benefit any church book table, and would make a solid addition to any counseling homework that might be assigned to individuals and couples in need. Grab up a copy as quick as you can!

My thanks to Focus Publishing for the copy of the book used for this review that they freely gave at my request. The publisher made no demands of me other than an honest assessment, which I have freely given.

The publisher has several different versions of this Gospel Primer - leather-bound, softback, audio, etc. If you desire to purchase a copy you can go here: Focus Publishing

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