"Who Is More Willing To Hear Than We Are To Pray" - 30 September 2018

O Lord God, who is more willing to hear than we are to pray, and is willing to give far more than we either desire or deserve: we pray for your Church and your World because you have made us priests through your well-beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our great High Priest.

We pray for this congregation (gathered and scattered): for your Church throughout the world, for Quail Springs Baptist Church, Rancho Village Baptist; Revolution Church, and Ridgecrest Baptist: with your servant and our brother Augustine, we ask you to give what you command and command what you will. Stir us to work out our salvation in fear and trembling, for it is you who works in us to both will and do for your good pleasure (Philippians 2.12-13).

For all those who are struggling with pain, broken-bodies, grieved hearts, and fractured minds we pray….restore to them the joy of your salvation; refurbish their frail bodies; re-knit the fragmented hearts and minds; and turn all away from despair and depression to hope in you and your comforting care.

For the nations of this earth we pray for your guiding and governing hand. May all the nations and countries of this hurting and hemorrhaging planet throw off vicious bloodshed, violence, and godless enslavements; and may they embrace justice, mercy and walking humbly before you.

O Lord God of our forebearers, who rules the nations of this earth: Give the Spirit of wisdom and godly fear to the President of these United States, the Governor of the State of Oklahoma, and to all others in authority, so that our land may be strengthened in righteousness, enriched in liberty and order, and preserved in unity and peace: so that your Church may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

We pray for our U.S. Military personnel as they serve this country, may they do so honorably. Smile upon those who are first-responders, doctors, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists, and others in the helping professions, that they may serve others well, and caringly and intelligently be ministers of your common grace.

May your hand be on our college students to guide them and aid them. Comfort them when depressed and worried. Preserve their families from unnerving stress.  And provide for them all things necessary for their well-being.

Finally Lord, we long to see you act in the lives of people who have never confessed Christ Jesus as the Lord….in the lives of those who have strayed away from the faith…and in the lives of those who claim to be skeptics, agnostics and freethinkers …Give them new hearts to believe in Christ, new eyes to see your providential care of and order in creation, and new desires for obeying you. All we ask through the mediation of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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