"Ryken's Bible Handbook" by L. Ryken, P. Ryken, and J. Wilhoit. A Review.

Ryken's Bible HandbookRyken's Bible Handbook by Leland Ryken
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Someone gave me a copy as a "Thank You" for speaking to their group. I started to shove it into a nook in my library, but then thought I'd look it over instead. And I'm glad I did! This glossy 675 page handy hardback is ideal for Bible studies, preaching and personal enhancement. Leland Ryken, professor of literature at Wheaton College, Philip Ryken, president of Wheaton College, and James Wilhoit, professor of Christian Education at Wheaton College, have teamed up in "Ryken's Bible Handbook: A Guide to Reading and Studying the Bible". It is a work meant to "help Christian readers of the Bible to understand the Bible better, and teachers of the Bible to teach it more effectively" (x).

This handbook works through all sixty-six writings in the Sacred Scriptures. Much of the work is "attuned to the literary forms of writing that comprise the Bible" (ix). Therefore, the authors stay with the specific genre and style of each specific biblical book, guiding the readers to receive the biblical material in the way it is presented: poetry, prophecy, polemics, or prose. With judicious charts (not too much detail or too little detail), break out sections, fact sheets, and summations of main themes, each chapter lends itself to outfitting the reader with a better understanding of Scripture. And then to top it all off, each chapter includes a thoughtful analysis of how that particular biblical book fits into the flow of God's story that culminates and climaxes in Christ.

"Ryken's Bible Handbook" is truly a handy hardback. I've already been using it as I prepare to preach through Joel, and through Job! And my wife is using it as she gets ready for her Women's Bible Study. Here is an ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays, graduations, and "Thank Yous". Bible teachers should own a copy. Theology tutors for Christian Schools and Co-ops ought to have one as well. Anyone who is interested in the Sacred Scriptures needs to snatch up a copy and pour over it. And for my fellow ministers, this book is a must! If you can't tell, I highly recommend the book.

You can order a copy from here: Tyndale

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Anonymous said…
Just ordered it off Amazon! I have his Literary Study Bible, and book Literary Forms used in the Bible. Many today think it’s politically incorrect to use some of the forms used by Jesus and the Prophets!

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