"Lord God the Almighty, Who Delights..." - 5 August 2018

(This picture is from the conflict that is presently breaking out in Cameroon, which is on the western side of central Africa)

Lord God the Almighty, who delights in executing lovingkindness, justice and righteous throughout the earth, we pray for the Church and our world: For all of those who are oppressed, enslaved, abused, tormented by the cruelties of others, forced into bondage, shackled to destructive addictions, or held captive be thugs and drug cartels, we pray: Lord have mercy on them.

For those who are being truly persecuted for the Christian Faith around the world, in the Middle East, Rwanda, Asia, and numerous other places, we pray: Christ have mercy on them.

For those who are working in the name of Christ to alleviate poverty, famine, plague, and injustices of every kind, we pray: Lord have mercy on them and grant them success in their endeavors.

For your Church throughout the world, this congregation, Heritage Baptist Church, Highland Baptist, Highland Hills Baptist, and Highland Park Baptist Church, we pray. By your Holy Spirit and Holy Scriptures, defend us all from error, lead us into all truth, and fill us with godly courage to resist the world, the flesh and the devil.

Please be with the nations of this world, including Sudan, Suriname, the country once known as Swaziland but is now called Eswatini, Sweden, and especially Cameroon and Zimbabwe which are experiencing clashes and conflicts. Establish good order and lawful justice that their peoples may live safe, that the Gospel may go forth unhindered, and your church may dwell peaceful and secure.

For this country we pray for you to lead our leaders to make decisions and enforce laws that are fair and honorable; that the citizens and residents of our land may prosper in health, wealth, and civility, and that your people may live in peace and quietness. Where wildfires are raging, keep the firefighters unharmed and hardy, and grant them help in bringing the fires under control. Also, be the shield and protection for our U.S, military personnel; deliver them from injury and bring those who are deployed home safe.

For those who are unbelievers and those who are wayward, we pray….may they have faith in Christ, repentance unto life, and diligently use all the outward means by which Christ communicates to us the benefits of redemption.

For those whose faith is shaken because of emotional struggles, betrayals or discouragements, we pray…, lift them up, build up their confidence in you, and bring them support.

Finally, we pray for those who are in pain, for those who are fighting for their lives and health, for those who are having troubles in their homes and families, for those who are going through vocational instability, and for those in great financial hardship…..give them the help they need, bless them with friends and faithful company who will shoulder the burden with them, and grant them a satisfactory conclusion to all their distresses. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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