"O God, Who Has Promised Us..." - 22 July 2018

O God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, who has promised us that we have nothing to fear for you are with us, we have no reason to be dismayed for you are our God, who strengthens us, who helps us, who upholds us with your righteous right hand (Isaiah 41.10): we pray for your Church throughout the nations, along with Grace Covenant Church, Grace Fellowship, Grace Place Baptist Church, Grace Pointe Baptist, and Graceway Baptist Church. Look upon our necessities and grant all good things essential for us to do the functions you have called us to. Build us up in the most holy faith, that we may be able to stand strong against all the wiles of the devil.

Look on this congregation with your favor and support. In the words of your servant, Micah, help us – in all of our affairs, actions and ambitions – to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before you (Micah 6.8). Thank you for the occasions and opportunities you provided us last week, especially with our Vacation Bible School. We have pointed the kids and their guardians to Jesus, to his work and way. Now, be pleased to send your Spirit into the hearts and minds of all of them, stir them up, turn them toward Jesus Christ freely offered to all in the Gospel.

We pray for those unstable people who twist the writings of Paul and the rest of Scripture to their own destruction (2 Peter 3.16): bring those systems, schemes and stratagems to no effect; and may they come to renounce their heretical ways and be brought to the Truth. And we call out to you for people in our lives who need to call on the name of the Lord; folks who have fallen away; and  others we know whose faith and trust has been badly battered…. Draw them close in your kind embrace, that they would turn away from iniquity and find their utmost pleasure in you.

Holy God, guide and direct the leaders of this country to promote and practice genuine justice while protecting our legitimate liberties. On the local, State and National level, shake out those who are Machiavellian and mercenary, and fill their roles with those who will work for economic robustness, but also ethical results. And for the residents and citizens of this land, that we would be good stewards of our national virtues, freedoms and resources.

Hear us, O Lord, as we plead with you for the nations of this often splintered and spiteful world, including Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Solomon Islands. Please defend your Church in all places; point the leaders of each nation in the right direction; and provide all that is needed for the peoples to dwell healthily and happily on earth.

We pray for those who use terror, trauma, bloodshed or banditry to gain power and coerce the weak – whether in their families, communities or territories: may the wheels of their machinations become bogged down and clogged up until they become impotent and their wheels pop off; and may their hearts be turned by your gracious love found in Christ. 

We intercede for those with poor health, scant monies, family friction, anxious fears and fearful anxieties…May they be aided in their privations, assisted in their improvements, and abetted in their progresses. We present to you these our petitions through your resurrected and reigning Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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