"The Rhythm of Life" by David Adam. A Review.

Rhythm of LifeRhythm of Life by David Adam
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A nice, handy 136 page paperback guide to prayer. It has a simple "rule" for morning, midday, evening and night prayers for each day of the week. David Adam draws from several sources, some historical and others contemporary, to color the daily rhythm. Though it is geared for communal prayer, it is still usable for those who are alone.

Each day of the week resounds with a specific theme. Sunday is resurrection; Monday reflects on creation; Tuesday is shaped by incarnation; Wednesday is filled with the Holy Spirit; Thursday thinks about community; Friday gazes at the cross; and Saturday recalls the fellowship of the Saints. There are short litanies; Psalm recitations; small Scripture readings; praises; and collects. About ten years ago I obtained copies for everyone living at home and we used it for a year in family worship. And I have picked it up and utilized it in my personal daily devotions. I recently took it up again.

If you're looking for a tool to help keep yo on track with daily prayer, "The Rhythm of Life" will work. It will fit in your purse, slide into your pocket, and unobtrusively sit on your desk. This little prayer book is ideal for anyone who would benefit from a structure or routine to keep them "praying without ceasing". I highly recommend it!

You can obtain a copy here: Rhythm of Life

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