Vespers - 25 March 2018

(Sexual Sins): Almighty God, mighty in compassion and mighty in kindness: be with those who are struggling with sexual sins…may they battle them, and may you be pleased to give them liberty over the sins they are battling with. In Augustine’s words:  command what you will and give what you command! Set them free from the evil affections and fill them with longing for you and the satisfaction of knowing you. Place them in the midst of other believers who will be able to walk with them, care for them, and encourage them in the ways of sanctification. O Lord, hear our prayer.

(Marriages that are on the rocks): Almighty God, you know the thoughts and intentions of our hearts, our dreams, our schemes, and our plans, and you know the depth and darkness of our hurts. You are the one who can change the hearts of men and women, steering their direction; and so we implore you on behalf of those whose marriages are on the rocks…, that you would comfort them in their angst, anguish and anger. Where one partner is stubbornly resisting and stonewalling the other partner, we ask you bring about changes in perspective, softening of heart, and a renewed commitment to their marriage. Where both parties need to seek forgiveness from each other, show them and give them the courage to do so. And where they need to extend forgiveness to each other, direct them. We ask all of this with longing and yearning hearts. O Lord, hear our prayer.

(Those with Disabilities): Lord, we ask you to make your love and compassion known to our neighbors with disabilities and infirmities… We ask that you would bring them to see themselves as you see them: made in your image. We pray that they would have fruitful and deep relationships and friendships that would not only encourage them personally, but would also point them to you and your truth. As a church we ask you to help us to be hospitable to every person who comes through our doors. As neighbors, please equip us with the knowledge and skills to properly support our neighbors who are disabled. And thank you for the agencies and ministries who give support and aid to those with disabilities. May they continue to have the funds and the workers they need, and may they not get burned out. O Lord, hear our prayer.


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