"The Divine Hours - Pocket Edition" compiled by Phyllis Tickle. A Teeny Review

The Divine HoursThe Divine Hours by Phyllis A. Tickle
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This tiny little rascal arrived in the world in 2007. I have used it -in varied and modified ways - off and on throughout the years. It follows the traditional, simple format of 7 times of prayer for each day of the week. It is a handy, pocket-sized manual that can easily be carried in a purse and lightly held in a hand. Each portion is short, and yet has plenty of material from the Psalter, Scriptures, hymns, canticles, and litanies.

"The Divine Hours" could be used by prayer-communities for corporate prayer; but it is also ideal for personal devotions. It can be employed in multiple ways to fit within busy schedules or to help people who have overly active minds that flit about. It can be supplemented or followed rigidly. If looked on as a tool, it will be found a tutor; and if used as an amenity, it will be found an ally.

As I write this short review, it is Lent (2018). It would make a nice aid to Lenten contemplations and preparations (there are even prayers at the back for the various seasons in the Church year). If you've been thinking to yourself, "Self, I need a little help here" then let me encourage you snatch up a copy and dive in.

A copy can be purchased from here: "The Divine Hours - Pocket Edition"

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