"Minister's Prayer Book" ed. John W. Doberstein. Short Review

I have used this prayer book since 1988. At that time I was a bi-vocational minister in a little Florida congregation while a Sergeant on Active Duty in the U.S. Air Force. I have continued to use it regularly through the years, and even now as a Presbyterian minister. I own two copies, and have used them so much that the bindings of both are broken and tattered, and the pages are worn and marked up.

The volume is helpful on many fronts. There is a set of suggested orders for morning, noon and evening prayers. Also, Doberstein has included material from Luther's morning and evening prayer, as well as Luther's "A Simple Guide to Prayer" given to his barber. The editor has further mapped out a regular order of prayer for each day of the week. The middle section of the prayer book includes two years of Scripture lessons along with Collects or prayers, all of which follow the liturgical calendar. The largest portion of the volume is given over to "Meditations for Ministers," which encompasses readings from across the ecclesiastical spectrum that are, for the most part encouraging, instructive and devotional.

Though the manual is no longer in print, nevertheless I highly recommend it for all of my fellow ministers. The value of shaping their day in prayer is essential to their well-being and to their ministry. Though it has a hint of a Lutheran flavor, it still will be useful for all.

You should still be able to purchase a copy here: "Minister's Prayer Book"


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