"Redemption at Hacksaw Ridge" by Booton Herndon. A Review

Redemption at Hacksaw Ridge: The gripping true story that inspired the movieRedemption at Hacksaw Ridge: The gripping true story that inspired the movie by Booton Herndon
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This is a biography of the heroic actions of Desmond Doss with a short account of the remainder of his life. The memoir is rather artless and unadorned, and yet the momentum of Doss's actions and character easily carry the reader forward. This account of Private Doss's struggles, stamina and steadfastness is a tribute to his Seventh-Day Adventist faith.

"Redemption at Hacksaw Ridge" is an easy-to-read piece. Preteens, adolescents and adults alike will find it accessible, filled with examples of courage on multiple levels. Here was a Conscientious Objector who stuck to his principles against all odds and against Army brass, while willingly serving as an Army Medic with the 77th Division in the heat of heavy combat. He is credited with saving many soldiers at great risk to himself, even putting others before his own care after he had been seriously wounded. This Medal of Honor recipient modeled commitment, faith and fearless gallantry, and the time spent reading his exploits will be well invested.

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