"O God Most High, Who Made All Things" - 23 July 2017

O God, Most High, who made all things very good by the Word of your power, and are a God of order and not of confusion: we beseech you to shape the events, strategies, deliberations and relations in our land, that we may be a nation and a people who enjoy godly order and godly living; a nation and a people who honor blameless virtue and protect the aged, the unborn, the children, and the defenseless; a nation and a people who respect and promote honest work, ingenuity, quality education, and thrift; and a nation and a people who truly are a land of the free and home of the brave. And, O God, we ask you to set free the many in our land conquered and consumed by their addictions to Meth, prescription meds, opioids, gambling, and so forth. And especially in Oklahoma.

Guide the nations and leaders of this world – such as President Emomali Rahmon of Tajikistan; President John Magufuli of Tanzania; and King Maha Vajiralongkorn of Thailand – to be judicious, equitable, and charitable so that their people may enjoy good and peaceful security, health, education, stability, and clean drinking water; so that your church may live in calm liberty while your Gospel spreads throughout all lands without harm or hindrance.

We pray for your Church in every realm, as well as in the greater OKC area, to include Calvary AOG; Cathedral de Adoracion; Christ’s Legacy Church; and Covenant Life Assembly; restore unity where there is fragmentation, godliness where there is immorality, sound doctrine where there is error, pure worship where there is idolatry, and may the whole counsel of God have full sway over us in all that we think, do and say. 

We pour out our hearts to you on behalf of those who are still unbelieving, those who have drifted away, and those who are heedlessly plunging into self-destruction….Like Lydia, open their hearts to pay attention to the words of life spoken by your servants and field-hands (Acts 16.14).

We pray for the sick, the recovering, those who are undergoing treatment, those who are  emotionally and physically staggering along,……grant them restored health, renewed strength, joy and peace; grant them to gain patience, and that patience would have its perfect work in them that they may become mature and complete, lacking nothing (James 1.2-4).

Finally, Lord, we thank you for all of the richness of this past week, especially for the way our Mega Sport Camp VBS went. For the loads of kids who came, and the people who gave their time, patience and perspiration to work with the kids, pray for them, and present the Gospel to them; and for all the parents who heard as well. We implore you to smile on our work of this past few weeks, bring the Gospel home to the men, women, boys and girls who heard it; grant us the pleasure of hearing about them becoming followers of Jesus, and may we begin to see some of them here at Heritage belonging and believing along with us. All for your honor and in Christ’s name we pray. Amen.


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