"God is For Us!"

(I presented a version of this 9 July 2017 at Heritage Presbyterian Church; and again on 19 July 2017 at the Capitol Bible Forum, Oklahoma State Capitol)

God is For Us: Psalm 56 (Romans 8.31-39) 
I have often used this passage and these thoughts when talking about Baptism. Now that may startle you a bit since the only water mentioned are the tears of David. But if you’ll hold on tight I think you may see how I get there.

The Pressure is Constant (1, 2, and 5):all day long”.

The Pressure is Fierce (1-2, 5-7): tramples on me….an attacker oppresses me” (1); “My enemies trample on me….many attack me proudly” (2); “injure my cause….thoughts are against me for evil” (5); “stir up strife…lurk…watch my steps….waited for my life” (6). Fierce Response (7).

Faith-Filled Prayer in the Pressure (1a; 3-4, 8-11): “Faith is seen here as a deliberate act, in defiance of one’s emotional state” Derek Kidner; v. 8-11. ***v.9 “This I know that God is for me…” – and we have a more certain Word of Promise. How do I know God is for me? Christ crucified! That’s exactly what the New Testament is saying in many places, for example: Romans 5.8 and Romans 8.31-39.

In defiant faith, what do you believe? “God is for me!” How do you know? “Christ died for me!”

That’s one of the things your baptism preaches, proclaims and pronounces to you, to those watching, to the world, the flesh and the devil! Baptism is a portrayal and portrait of grace rather than faith. Believe all that your baptism is preaching!

Vows and Vow-keeping (12-13): The vows were made in the thick of it; the vows were made because of God’s promising word; and the vows will be kept in appreciation of God’s his rescuing David (“for“ of v.13). We keep the vows because “God is for me” (v.9c). This principle applies to our wedding vows as well as the vows some of us make when we baptize our children.

So in the end, if you get nothing else out of this presentation today, get this: In defiant faith, what do you believe? “God is for me!” How do you know? “Christ died for me!” And your baptism preaches it to you! Remember your baptism!


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