"Low Kicks" by Marc De Bramaeker. A Review

Low Kicks: Advanced Martial Arts Kicks for Attacking the Lower GatesLow Kicks: Advanced Martial Arts Kicks for Attacking the Lower Gates by Marc De Bremaeker
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Marc De Bremaeker, a seasoned martial artist, instructor and author, has crafted a 160 page handbook, "Low Kicks". It is one in a line of publications which focuses on specific aspects and regions of kicking. This particular volume is primarily about using kicks in the lower half of an opponent, from the mid-section to the foot. Karate-ka, whether experienced or novices, will find it an insightful book pulling from various martial arts traditions. And the non-initiated can gain from it as well.

"Low Kicks" is in need of a good editor, to help clean up the numerous grammatical faux pas. The pictures - both photographs and sketches - are small, and not always clear. Nevertheless, if the reader can look past those glitches, they will be well instructed from the manuscript, and feel like their money has been well spent.

The kicks covered in the material pull from a wide range, Krav Maga, Mai Thai, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu. The applications are for both (free) sparring, as well as self-defense. The explanations are thorough enough to help the trainee grasp the point of a given kick, to practice it and become very skillful. This manual would make a great addition to a martial arts school's lending library. It would contribute to an instructor's application section of classes, and it can enrich a martial artist in expanding their repertoire. I highly recommend the book.

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