An Idea for Prayer in 2017

Every month I gather with some Oklahoma City area pastors from different denominations: other kinds of Presbyterians, Nazarenes, Calvary Chapel guys, Baptists, Methodists and Disciples of Christ. We talk about what's going on in our particular worlds - family, church and community - and then we spend time praying for each other. Today (4 January 2017) our congregation hosted the monthly prayer gathering. And so I thought I'd take our prayer time in a slightly different direction, and I wrote out what's in the photo at the top on a whiteboard. Our answers to these questions were encouraging, personal and very much about the progression of Christ's Gospel.

This got me to thinking about 2017, and how to pray forward into this year. Therefore, I've printed out a copy of this photo and have put my answers underneath it, and will use it as I pray all through 2017.

This got me thinking about you. Here are some suggestions that might be a help for you:

  • Print out the three part question in the top picture.
  • Write out your responses.
  • Put the question and your responses in your Bible or your prayer journal or whatever you use when it's time to pray.
  • Use all of this during 2017 as one part of your prayer time.
  • As the days, weeks and months unfold you may find that your responses to the question change due to some clarification or new insight. Write out your changes and put the date down next to them. Finally, as you see the Lord answer your requests (one way or the other), jot down a short sentence of how he did it, and the date; and then mention his answering your prayer occasionally during stated times of thanksgiving throughout the year.

Have a great 2017, and let me know how things unfold.



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