"Mastering Tae Kwon Do Self-Defense" (DVD) by Grand Master Jong Soo Park. A Short Review

A one hour long video by Grand Master Jong Soo Park. The visual quality is good and easy to watch. The instruction on various self-defense moves is easy. The number of self-defense applications is plentiful, and easy to grasp. You don't need to be a trained martial artist to benefit from this video. You will need another person to practice with, and practicing will be important.I didn't see any defense against weapons in this video, contrary to the content blurb. Nevertheless, several of the moves can be useful in a limited set of weapons assaults. This video would make a useful idea-starter for a martial arts instructor to enhance their classes with a section for self-defense - there's enough material here to last through quite a few class sessions! The DVD will also make a nice gift for your favorite karateka. I happily recommend the DVD.

You can find it here: http://tinyurl.com/j6aeayv



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