"In Praise of Plodders" By Warren W. Wiersbe. A Review

In Praise of PloddersIn Praise of Plodders by Warren W. Wiersbe
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When I first entered Christian ministry I had a truck-load of ideas and assumptions. With a head full of Seminary, a heart filled with steam, and hands fidgeting for success I dove in only to smack my noggin on rocks and ridges just under the water line. Thankfully I had a friend who had been pastoring for several years pull up beside me and begin to help me clear my thoughts and clarify my “oughts.” Warren W. Wiersbe, a Bible teacher, accomplished author, conference speaker, and pastor who has ministered in churches and conferences in Canada, Central and South America, Europe, and the United States, put together a 144 page paperback, “In Praise of Plodders” that feels like having a seasoned, experienced pastoral friend come along side fellow ministers to give sage advice.

This short, sweet and simple book is perfect for hard-working preachers. The thirty three chapters range from two to five pages covering a wide range of subjects, such as preaching, praying, discouragement, counseling, unction, and time. It is chock full of humor, compassion, suggestive counsel, Biblical substance, and encouragement. It’s aim is not only to freshen disheartened pastors, but to re-orient them to their primary mission; “The important thing is that we seek God’s power not for the purpose of ministerial success, but for the purpose of glorifying Jesus Christ and building His church” (82).

“In Praise of Plodders” would be an ideal gift for ministerial trainees, new pastors, mid-ministry preachers, and even older shepherds. I have personally read this book four times since I was ordained and have recommended it to other ministers when their horizons were bleak and bleary. Therefore, it is without hesitation that I commend this book to you.

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