"Remember, O Lord" - 7 February 2016

Remember, O Lord Jesus Christ, our God, your mercies and loving-kindnesses, which have been from everlasting to everlasting, and for the sake of which you did become man and stoop to endure crucifixion and death for the salvation of all who rightly believe in you. You rose from the dead for our justification and ascended into heaven, and sit at the right hand of God the Father, from whence you shall come to judge the living and the dead; and as our great High Priest you regard the humble prayers of all who call upon you with their whole heart. Incline your ear and hear our humble entreaties.

First of all remember your holy, catholic and apostolic Church, which you have purchased with your precious blood, including St. Mark’s UMC; St. Mary’s Christian Methodist Episcopal Church; St. Matthew’s UMC, Selecman UMC and South Lee UMC; and also your servants who are under persecution for your sake and for the sake of your holy gospel. Confirm and strengthen your Church, enlarge and multiply her, maintain her in peace, and preserve her unconquerable by the gates of hell forever. Heal the schisms of the churches, quench the ragings of the heathen, speedily undo and root out the growths of heresies and bring them to nothing by the power of your Holy Spirit.

Keep, O Lord, and have mercy upon the whole clergy of your Church whom you have established to feed your flock…; by their sound doctrine, right administration of the sacraments, godly lives and prayers build up and strengthen your people in all places.

Keep, O Lord, and have mercy upon those who envy and slight us and seek to do us harm; restrain their malicious acts and bring them around to your good. Grant us, as far as it depends on us, to be at peace with all, not being overcome by evil, but overcoming evil with good (Romans 12.18, 21).

Keep, O Lord, and have mercy upon all world rulers, on our president, on our Governor, and on all our civil authorities. Speak peace and blessing into their hearts for the sake of all your people that we may live a calm and peaceful life in all godliness and dignity.

Keep, O Lord, and have mercy upon our parents…, our spouses…., our brothers and sisters…, our children…, our relatives and our friends…, and grant them your blessings both here and hereafter.

Keep, O Lord, and have mercy upon the aged, young, needy, orphans, widows, single parents, on all that are in sickness and sorrow, in distress and affliction, in oppression and captivity, in prison and confinement….. Remember them, visit, strengthen, keep, and comfort them, and make haste to grant them, by your power, relief, freedom, and deliverance.

Keep, O Lord, and have mercy upon those who have never turned from their sins and believed in Christ, as well as those who have departed from the true faith, and those who have become dazzled by destroying heresies (……), enlighten them by the light of your Holy Spirit, renew them by your reviving, restoring grace, and bring them into the fold of your Church.

{Do you find these prayers beneficial? Feel free to use them in your devotions, with your Bible Study groups, Church, etc. Mike}


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