"O Lord, How Shall I Meet You"

This evening in family worship we sang this hymn. What warm, heartfelt thoughts flow through this hymn! Listen to the organ music while you sing or meditate on the words.

O Lord, How Shall I Meet You 
Trinity Hymnal (rev. ed.) #156 
By: Paul Gerhardt

O Lord, how shall I meet you, 
How welcome you aright? 
Your people long to greet you, 
My hope, my heart's delight! 
Oh, kindle, Lord most holy,
Your lamp within my breast
To do in spirit lowly 
All that may please you best.

Love caused your incarnation; 
Love brought you down to me. 
Your thirst for my salvation 
Procured my liberty. 
Oh, love beyond all telling,
That led you to embrace 
In love, all love excelling, 
Our lost and fallen race.

Rejoice, then, you sad-hearted, 
Who sit in deepest gloom, 
Who mourn your joys departed 
And tremble at your doom. 
Despair not; he is near you, 
There, standing at the door,
Who best can help and cheer you 
And bids you weep no more.

Sin’s debt, that fearful burden,
Let not your souls distress;
Your guilt the Lord will pardon
And cover by his grace.
He comes, for men procuring
The peace of sin forgiv’n,
For all God’s sons securing
Their heritage in heaven.


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