"Infinitas" by David Sebastian. A Review.

Infinitas (Destiny is an Adventure #1)Infinitas by David N. Sebastian
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If you're looking for a simple story line, lots of adventure, unexpected twists, dragons, wood gnomes, gypsies, rangers, wood sprites, skeleton armies, wraiths, loads of scary creatures, and a sort-of happily-ever-after ending, then this is the book for you. David Sebastian (a authorial pseudonym) has crafted a blending of story-themes in his recently published 288 page paperback, "Infinitas". This is the first installment in what plans to be a series written primarily for pre-teens and young teens.

"Infinitas" follows the adventures of four teens, Drake, Kali, Harold and Ferra, from their home villa, Kordos, to a climactic conclusion as they face the Dragon Queen at the fortress castle of Infinitas. Drake and Kali are pursuing their destiny, a one hundred year old prophecy that one from the bloodline of Auturo would destroy the Dragon Queen. Both Kali and Drake are of that bloodline. Auturo had wounded the Dragon Queen and made her vulnerable to defeat, but they must find his sword, Ormr, by which alone the heir of Auturo could defeat the Dragon Queen. Harold and Ferra are friends whose strange abilities will give Drake and Kalli added advantages as they face the various obstacles on their way. All four grow in their friendship, their sense of courage, and their understanding of loyalty.

"Infinitas" is a simple, fun read. There is lots of adolescent bantering, and there are some romantic sparks here and there, all of which paint the picture of deepening friendships and strengthened commitments, but shouldn't cause parents any concerns. If you're looking for a present for your pre-teen or young teenage kids this holiday season, I can easily recommend this book.

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