"It's Biblical, Not Political!" by Dr. James Taylor. A Very Short Review

It's Biblical, Not Political! How To Line Candidates Up BiblicallyIt's Biblical, Not Political! How To Line Candidates Up Biblically by Dr. James Taylor
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A book by an African-American Evangelical minister promoting politically conservative positions. The book is heavily documented with biblical and historical sources, as well as material from the likes of David Barton, Gary Demar, Russ Walton, John Eidsmoe, the Ryrie Study Bible, Tim LaHaye, and many others. "It's Biblical, Not Political!" leans to the side of the old Moral Majority and Theonomic camps. The author also defends the position that the U.S.A. has a Biblical, moral and divine mandate to support the modern state of Israel. The book is written as a guide for screening political candidates, questions to ask and answers to listen for. If that's your kind of thing, then you may like "It's Biblical, Not Political!"

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