"A Pocket Guide to Prayer" by Steve Harper. A Review

A Pocket Guide to Prayer, Deluxe EditionA Pocket Guide to Prayer, Deluxe Edition by Steve  Harper
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It is titled a "Pocket Guide to Prayer", and that is exactly what it is. Its slim, small size could easily fit into the back pocket to be carried around. And its format is simply to guide the one handling it in prayer at set times of the day, when first awakening, morning, noon, evening and bedtime. There are also insightful instructions on how to help make times of prayer more devotional and profitable in the back sections; "A Rule of Life", "Lectio Divina", and "Growing in Prayer".

The central two sections of the book lead the praying person through four weeks of prayer. Each day has a hymn, a suggested prayer with space to interject one's own concerns and petitions, and a short snippet from "the Saints", ranging from Francis of Assisi, to Julian of Norwich, even William Law, St. John of the Cross, and Evelyn Underhill, to name a few. It does not include a lectionary or have a plan for Scripture reading, other than a suggestion on how to work through the Psalms twice in a year.

If you're looking for a little direction in daily prayer, something that isn't heavy-handed but does gently direct you and help you stay on target, you will likely find this a helpful tool. I recommend "A Pocket Guide to Prayer".

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