"Fight for Power" by Eric Walters. A Review

Fight for Power (Rule of Three, #2)Fight for Power by Eric Walters
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Society continues to disintegrate in "Fight for Power," the second volume of the "Rule of Three" series by Eric Walters. The story line follows Adam, his mother, Herb and the neighborhood into darker waters, deeper drama and a sinister spin at the end. It is an easy read written for teens that picks up where the last volume left off, and leaves the reader looking forward to the final installment.

There are ethical twists, hard decisions and compassionate actions pulsing through "Fight for Power" that will bring the reader to ask themselves, "What would I do in this situation?" Again, as Walters follows the theme from the previous book, it is a "life-boat" scenario, pushing for serious decision-making. The question that crops up in subtle, and at times obvious, ways is, "What makes us moral human beings in inhuman and immoral settings?" One gets the impression that the author has touched, and been touched, by this question in concrete ways, possibly in the environment surrounding the Kenyan orphanage he co-founded.

This dystopian account continues to be free of profanity and sexual engagements. And yet it ably addresses adult topics of life, death, survival and communal flourishing. This will make a great summer read for teens and young adults plodding through the summer blahs and out-of-school ho-hums. And parents may be interested in encouraging their kids to read this work for the purpose of fostering mature discussions with their middle and upper school children. I recommend the book.

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