"O God Most High, who delights in showing mercy" - 3 May 2015 AM and PM

3 May 2015 AM

Almighty God, it is an amazing obligation and opportunity you have placed on us, to pray for your World and your Church; assist us with your Spirit’s aid that we may know how we ought to pray.

We look to you for help and comfort for these who are in pain and trouble, who need physical, financial and emotional healing (Those in Nepal; recovering from surgery; clouded with depression;)….raise them from the miry pit, set their feet on the rock, and raise their heads up above the clamor, worry, and fear that they may acknowledge you as their great deliverer.

We call to you for protection, safety and courage for our U.S. Military people, esp. XXXX, as well as for XXXX in Chile. Keep them whole, and safe from danger, and restore them to their families.

We ask for your care, guidance and protection for our country, pleading with you to direct the actions and deliberations of our leaders to love your truth and righteousness, and to know and do your will. Also, for the nations of our world, those that are in serious disarray and turmoil, as well as those that seem to have it all together, we pray you to restrain the evil and promote that which is best and most peaceful for the good of your Church and wellbeing of all.

O our God, we pray for Your Church in all places, and specifically all of the Christian congregations up and down Western Ave here at the edges of Edmond: by your holy Word and Holy Spirit, guide them into all truth, keeping them from all error; take care of all their needs and grant them success in declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 We seek your direction and help for this congregation; add to our number such as are being saved. We also ask you to guide our planning and implementing our work at Carnegie in June, the outreach VBS in July, as well as our involvement in the Good News Festival in August.

Finally, we implore your grace to transform the hearts and minds of those who have never believed in your Son and turned from their sins…..and please restore those who have strayed away from you...


3 May 2015 PM

O God Most High, who delights in showing mercy and turning your enemies into your very own sons and daughters, we come and pour out our prayers to you.

We pray for your church throughout the nations that you would strengthen that which is holy, good, and right, giving these brothers and sisters you’re kindest care and attention. Please give patient endurance to our brothers and sisters who are being hounded and harmed for the Faith; may they stand strong; and if they must, may they be holy, faithful martyrs to the end. O Lord, hear our prayer.

We call upon you to be with these churches Korean Roman Catholic Church; Sacred Heart; St. Charles Borromeo; St. Eugene; St. James; St. John’s; and St. Jospeph’s:may they experience your grace in such powerful ways that they might cast off all self-made assurances, and boast only of you. Please pour out your lavish enrichment on this congregation, as we seek to be faithful. Help us to be instrumental in drawing men, women, girls, boys and whole families to Christ and making them disciples. O Lord, hear our prayer.

We remember before you those who need to repent of their sins and embrace your Son in genuine faith and repentance…. O Lord, hear our prayer.

O Lord God, we strongly desire our country to flourish with justice and liberty for all, both for the born and unborn, that by your enrichment we may all enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of true, genuine happiness. Be pleased to lead the nations of the world toward the things that make for real peace and wholesome prosperity. O Lord, hear our prayer.

Finally, give renewed hope and restored health to those who find they are in dire straits, along with these… O Lord, hear our prayer.


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