"A Reader's Hebrew and Greek Bible". A Review

Reader's Hebrew and Greek Bible-FLReader's Hebrew and Greek Bible-FL by A. Philip Brown II
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"A Reader's Hebrew and Greek Bible" is a user-friendly, reader-friendly volume. It has compiled the older "A Reader's Hebrew Bible" and "A Reader's Greek New Testament" into a single, leather-bound collection. The format is the same, which means that there are almost no textual-critical notes, but instead at the bottom of each page there are lexical entries. For the Hebrew Scriptures the words used less than 100 times are defined, and in the Greek New Testament words used less than 30 times are expressed. There is also a glossary at the end of Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Scriptures for the more frequently used words.

The text is clean and easy on the eyes. The lexical notes at the bottom can be almost visually overpowering at first (definitions upon definitions). But if a reader will patiently practice using the annotations it becomes less confusing, and reading the text becomes more manageable. The size of the bound manuscript is a bit bulky. But it's worth the trade-off (bigger volume, larger print, etc.).

Since receiving my copy this last Christmas, I have enjoyed using my edition daily in morning devotions. I find my copy inviting, and this has helped me to get back into the original languages. This would be a perfect gift for your favorite seminarian, pastor, or Bible scholar. I gladly recommend this edition!

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