"Active Defense" by Frank and Kathy Gaynor. A Short Review

Active Defense: Guidelines for Building a Security PlanActive Defense: Guidelines for Building a Security Plan by MS Kathy L Gaynor
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On the one hand, this 95 page paperback is an over-sized product pamphlet for Lighthouse Investigators of Norman Oklahoma. Throughout the material some of the services Frank and Kathy Gaynor provide are mentioned and explained. Both authors are private investigators who have worked in legal, insurance and investigation fields for years.

On the other hand, this is a simple textbook on the whys and hows of security and safety for a congregation. The authors take the time to carefully explain the importance of churches conducting background checks, setting up emergency plans for several situations, preparing for violent crimes on church property, giving security tips, examining ways survive violence at church, and conducting risk management. The material is not overwhelmingly technical. The Gaynors have presented the main information in short chapters that stay on task.

"Active Defense" is a valuable resource for pastors, deacon boards, Christian School administrators,  and Church Day Care directors. The time it will take to read this short book - I completed it in an hour - will be a solid investment. It would be ideal to obtain enough copies for a congregation's leadership team to read and discuss together. I seriously recommend the book.

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