"Scaling Force" (DVD) by Rory Miller and Lawrence A. Kane. A Review

Rory Miller and Lawrence A. Kane
5 of 5 Stars
Riveting, Rattling and Rapid-Fire

How do you deal with a hostile set of circumstances? Do you go full-bore when someone starts pushing you and calling your mother names? Do you try to soft touch someone who has pulled out a big-honking bowie knife and is holding it at your gut? How do you know when violent self-defense is proper or not, and deadly force is or isn’t justified? Rory Miller and Lawrence A. Kane, both seasoned in violent confrontations from a law enforcement and security environment, have brought out a 120-minute DVD that approaches this subject in a thoughtful, experienced, and attention-getting way.

The format of the “Scaling Force” DVD is very simple. Miller and Kane walk the viewer through each of the 6 levels of force, giving demonstrations, stories from their own experiences and explanations that are clear and easily grasped. The exhibitions support the didactic matter, reinforcing each point, exposing vulnerabilities and displaying the strengths of better approaches. There is even a segment on how to survive a crowd attack that was simple and skillful. The final minutes of the DVD hammer out the importance of articulating why one used force level 5 and 6 and the subjects that must be expressed clearly to help keep one’s self out of lawsuits or jail.

One of the strengths I appreciate about the “Scaling Force” DVD is that the intention of the presenters is not to get into a fight, all macho and mad-hatter, but how to avoid becoming a victim or evade the misstep of going from the assaulted to the assailant. Miller and Kane work hard to help the viewer make sane decisions in dangerous situations. One of the potential downsides to the DVD happens to be the profuse profanity. If that doesn’t bother you, or you can filter through it, then the DVD will prove an invaluable addition to your library.

The “Scaling Force” DVD is a great stand-alone media, or a supporting addition to the book that goes by the same title. The DVD will keep your attention, and get you thinking through scenarios you could easily find yourself in. This electronic instruction material would be useful for viewing in a martial arts school, or as supplemental information for a self-defense class. I highly recommend this DVD.

Thanks to YMAA for a copy of the DVD used for this review.

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