"Power Prayers for Your Life". A Review

Power Prayers for Your LifePower Prayers for Your Life by Barbour Publishing
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It has been difficult to make it through this book of "power prayers". Though there are loads of Scripture passages printed throughout, they are all out of context. And just as importantly, most of the prayers are shallow, greedy, self-centered and at times, down right demanding. It was also a surprise to see a brash (over)confidence in many of the prayers as the praying person tells God what they will do, accomplish and obey.

The prayers are written as personal and conversational. Several of them show that they are written from a woman's perspective, something men could benefit from. The prayers are grouped under topical categories, with each section beginning with an explanatory devotional of sorts. There are two prayers on each page, and plenty of room to pen in thoughts, observations and adaptions to the prayers. The format is very convenient and easy on the eyes.

"Power Prayers for Your Life" has the potential of being something good. Praying Scripture is valuable and vital. Working through the different topics - whether purity, thoughts, stewardship, hospitality, contentment, compassion and numerous others - is very personal and potent. But at the end of the day I found the prayers increasingly problematic, even prideful. It would be hard to recommend this book.

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