Congregational Prayer - 25 January 2015

Almighty God, whose eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show yourself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are loyal to you (2 Chronicles 16.9), we pray for this world and your church.

We call upon you to relieve the fear, sooth the pain, and settle the trouble of those who need physical, monetary, mental, and relational healing...restore them, remove any gloom or anxiety, filling them with your unsurpassable peace to guard their hearts and minds IN Christ Jesus, and give them solid reasons to have hope in You when they feel all wrung out and thoroughly used up. O Lord, hear our prayer.

Please shield, keep safe and brave our U.S. Military people, restore them to their families unharmed. O Lord, hear our prayer.

Lord God, Maker, Sustainer and Governor of all things: we implore you to mercifully shower us with the rains and precipitation we need in this area. Thank you for what you have provided us, and grant us enough to hedge off this extended drought. O Lord, hear our prayer.

We ask you to look upon our country and its new leadership, maintain our liberties, and guide us all (from the White House to our house) along the path of your truth and righteousness. Also, for the nations of our world, we ask you to turn away the violence, oppression and evil and advance that which is best and most fair for the good of your Church and wellbeing of all. O Lord, hear our prayer.

O our God, we pray for your Church in all places, especially Progressive Baptist Church; Prospect Missionary Baptist; Rancho Village Baptist; Redeemed Missionary Baptist; and Rising Star Baptist Church: For those claiming to be yours, but who have embraced error in creed or deed, lead them into all truth by your Holy Word and Holy Spirit. For those who are towing the line of fidelity in Christ’s cause, supply all of their needs, encourage them, and preserve them from the evil one. O Lord, hear our prayer.

We pray for this congregation: be pleased to assist us in glorifying and enjoying you, and in profitably expanding the borders of your dominion and add to our number such as are being saved. Incline our hearts toward your testimonies and not toward covetousness. Turn away our eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive us in your way (Ps. 119.36-37).  O Lord, hear our prayer.

Finally, we implore your grace to convert those who have never believed in your Son and please restore those who have strayed away from you… O Lord, hear our prayer.


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